About us

From the essential needs of the market, there are products of furniture, leather, footwear, mechanical engineering... manufactured by Vietnamese enterprises with good quality, beautiful design and competitive price on the market. international market that GIAYNHAM2P was born to bring practical tools/solutions to help you make beautiful products. Coming to our business, you will be satisfied with the quality and competitive price so that we can create our personal brand together. GIAYNHAM2P specializes in providing all kinds of roughness, size and grain for all industries: furniture, mechanical engineering, leather, footwear, metal.....

Our company specializes in the production and distribution of abrasive and surface treatment products used in the following industries: metal, wood and leather shoes........

Our products include

- Types of sanding: Barrel sanding, belt sanding, sheet sanding, roll sanding, folding sanding, sanding wheel....

- In addition, our company also accepts orders according to specific specifications with a large number of abrasives at the request of your business in all parts of the country.

- Currently, our company is the official distributor from DEERFOS COMPANY in VIETNAM that directly import Deerfos brand sandpaper.

- Our operating motto is \"Prestige - Quality - Price\" - With this motto, we guarantee to bring satisfaction to our customers.

- With today\'s diverse product market, we always focus on advising customers to choose and use the correct products to bring the highest efficiency to customers.

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Representative office: 150/37/18 Street 26/3, Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Tax code: 0315838518
Hotline: 0909 51 1010 (Ms. Phuong)
Email: giaynham2p@gmail.com
Website: giaynham2p.com